GTA 6 Trailer Leaked and Officially Released: My Thoughts

GTA 6 city view

Before the release of GTA 6, we are giving you deep informative and realistic experience of GTA 6 through this blog.

A few days ago, the trailer of GTA 6 got leaked on Twitter. I was like, I'm not going to watch this trailer. I will ignore it. I'll just wait until it's officially released and I plan to stream as I was originally going to do, right? But after working for the last few hours or whatever, I saw on social media, oh, the trailer is now officially released.

Rockstar's Response to the Leak

I'm like, oh. So I guess Rockstar, cause it leaked early, they're like well we better release it now or we're just gonna get undercut by the leak. I know what's going on with Rockstar right now, they're having so many leaks of goddamn everything.

I was gonna watch all the GTA 5 trailers getting out I mean I made playlists of them and this leak leaking the trailer completely screwed up all my plans. It sucks. Everyone who has leaked anything related to GTA 6 should be kicked into a volcano. Not appreciated. So I'm tired as hell. I was working on my video, but I'm now going to watch this trailer.

Watching the Trailer for the First Time

GTA 6 Trailer

Some of you, maybe for the first time, with me. Many of you have probably already seen it. It premiered some days ago. It's not even got a million views. The view count was fixed sometime after this, so I guess maybe the video is getting so many views that it broke YouTube's system. The first trailer for GTA 6 after 10 years.

Initial Thoughts

So I have an insane amount of thoughts watching this. The graphics look insane. That looks so good. The GTA 6 trailer is insanely good. I never doubted Rockstar. They wouldn't be released if they didn't think they had a banger on their hands. So it hasn't been rated yet? I mean, surely it's not gonna be like an R game or something, right?

Visuals and Quality

GTA 6 freeway

Okay, the color, this, I mean, it just looks beautiful. And we're sitting, you know, this is 4k, so we're looking at pretty much the match, same quality, and this looks great. The faces, look at this! Like, this is like, leaps and bounds above GTA 5, obviously, and you'd, you'd hope so after 10 years.

Story Speculation

I guess she's just getting out of prison as it starts. Wouldn't it be funny if the entire thing was flipped around and like, she ends up in prison later on rather than starting in prison? Actually, yeah, there's nothing about this sequence that necessarily means that she's certainly starting in prison then, rather than going to prison later in the game.

Because I wonder, I mean, it's a good start for a game, a classic start to a game to start in prison and leave prison, but it could be flipped around. And I wonder if we get to do anything in prison. Like, you get scenes where you are in the prison life, where you have to break out of prison or something.

Character and Scene Analysis

That's me, as you guys know, uh, being the voice actor for Lucia, as I often said. Uh, and that was never a joke. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Could this be a picture of GTA 5? Maybe, kinda looks like it, but it could be anything, right? The water looks so good!

Oh, wait, are these, these, animals? Wait, wait, so yeah, there's, there's packs of dolphins. There are so many assets here, chat. Like, think of how limited GTA 5 was. For, because of 360 and PlayStation 3, where they couldn't have barely anything. They couldn't have any foliage or leaves and stuff and all the trees and the beaches were so, look at how much stuff is here!

Next-Gen Features

They're taking advantage of next-gen. So good. And the city! It's hard to tell, but I mean, it looks like there are far more tall buildings than in, um, GTA 5. But it could be a comparable amount. There's a lake in here, so there's ocean, and then there's a lake in the middle. What does it say here?

Environment and Details

gta 6 Beech view

I wonder what that's about. People just look so good it's nuts. And there are so many people here. Is there going to be this many people when you play the game? Or is this a cutscene? I'm going to say it's a weird way to say it. It's like that kind of model from games that people hack and do like weird sex stuff with.

Like what they did with Overwatch. Everyone knows that. I'm not weird for knowing about that. I'm just saying. What I mean is, people got all worked up over the strip club in GTA 5. And that shit is polygons, everyone's ugly. These people look hot in many different scenes and stuff. Like, people are gonna go ape shit.

New Vehicles and Wildlife

So, a new vehicle? Um, no, this isn't, I guess this isn't new. Like, other GTAs have had, what is this, a hovercraft? Fan boat. San Andreas had it, yeah, but GTA 5 didn't. So it's kind of like bringing that back. Different environment, like it wouldn't make sense for GTA 5. Look at these animals, man. It's so cool.

There's a crocodile. These are flamingos. I'm getting overhyped about the animals. Technically GTA 5 also had animals, but they weren't a significant feature. You had to look for them, and they barely did anything. They look garbage, but these look great. And there's like herds of them. Oh, the water.

Cityscape and Realism

GTA 6 Cars

Everything just looks so much better. It feels so much more like a city, at least looking at it right now, and I hope it translates to gameplay than just GTA 5, right? Hair physics is, looking good. Look, look at this! Make it rain? Are chicks twerking everywhere? Oh man, look at the nightlife, man. It looks so good.

(Grand Theft Auto VI) System Requirements for PC and Laptop

GTA 6 minimum requirements

  • Memory: 12 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K
  • File Size: 150 GB
  • OS: Windows 10 most likely

GTA 6 recommended specs

  • Memory: 16 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8700K
  • File Size: 150 GB
  • OS: up to Windows 11

For More Information About GTA 6 Officials Websites

Grand Theft Auto Community Update


The GTA 6 trailer has set a high bar for upcoming games. Its early leak and subsequent official release have generated massive hype. The visuals, new features, and hinted storyline promise an exciting addition to the GTA series. Despite the premature leak, Rockstar has managed to impress and intrigue the gaming community. Now, the long wait until the game's release in 2025 begins, filled with speculation and anticipation.

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